New Legislation Seeks to Ban All Criticism of Islam-Even in Your Thoughts!

New Legislation Seeks to Ban All Criticism of Islam-Even in Your Thoughts!

A fourteen hundred year old Islamic law called “blasphemy,” is seeking to be codified into US law. No criticism of Islam will be tolerated — not even in your thoughts! Want to criticize Christianity? No worries. Want to criticize Islam? You will be punished!

Meanwhile, politician sell their office for forty pieces of silver and a chance to collect votes, while Americans are robbed of their liberties.  

Shahram Hadian joins Ron for the fourth episode in their series  “Islam in America.”  You will be shocked at what you will learn, as they steal our free speech in the name of hate speech.

This is the fourth video in the series.

#1 Is Islam Compatible with the Constitution here.

#2 The Trojan Horse called Interfaith here.

#3 Interfaith: Next Step to Global Governance here.

Find more from Shahram and the war on Christians here.

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Ron Branstner
Ron Branstner
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Mr. Branstner has been on the front lines of the US/Mexican border. A border watch group formerly known as the Minuteman. A volunteer group of concerned citizens converge on areas of the border where illegal aliens cross each year. He has discovered a direct link between the displaced migrants and the global transfer of wealth, to the UN sustainability goals. In his studies all directions point toward a United Nations agenda, A Comprehensive Blue Print of social engineering. The focus to uncover non-elected regional bodies have been a passion, along with the historical makings of political Islam. as he speaks to audiences throughout Minnesota. Having ties to Minnesota, Mr. Branstner has joined forces with local groups to combat the onslaught of Illegals and the understanding of non-elected autonomous governments. SDG's and federal grants have been the conduit to facilitate the trojan horse into communities without their knowledge. He believes in educations of Constitutional law as our founders intended, while promoting the bill of Rights.