Crushing Sustainability Marxism with Local Freedom Pods

Crushing Sustainability Marxism with Local Freedom Pods

In this episode, host Tom DeWeese exposes the Marxist roots of local planning policies that are taking over every community in the nation.

To help activists fight back and protect their communities, Tom outlines in detail how to build a Freedom Pod. As he says, the key is to keep up the pressure and never underestimate the power of a pebble in your shoe. That’s a Freedom Pod!

Discover more from Tom at the American Policy Center here.

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Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation's leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, and American sovereignty and independence. Tom DeWeese was one of the first to voice concern over the radical agenda of the environmental movement and to question its motives. Today he serves as Founder and President of the American Policy Foundation and author of three books: “Now Tell Me I Was Wrong,” “ERASE,” “Sustainable, the War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals.”