Education: Quagmire of Deception

Education: Quagmire of Deception

On this episode of “Point Blank” Lynne is joined by Lynn Davenport of TX.
Discussion centers on the plethora of deceptions being waged against parents
everywhere — just ‘in time’ for elections 2024.

Listen in to see what you need to know!

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Lynne Taylor
Lynne Taylor
[email protected]

Lynne is known internationally and across America as the "Common Core Diva". Her education activism, teacher experiences, speaking, writing, and public appearances have helped influence countless citizens to spring into action to protect their families. Her tireless research has been deemed by her peers and many journalists as "expert." Lynne is a fearless leader and champion for truth, not politics; when it comes to standing in the gap between the fallacies about education. Join Lynne as she shows you the underbelly of the Common Core Machine and how you can fight back.