The Death of the Republican Party

The Death of the Republican Party

Politics today has become acclimated to a hostile environment where compromise is no longer part of the political equation.

If the Republican Party is to survive it must rediscover its identity.

If we are to move forward, we must find a bridge to solving issues rather than staying stuck in the current climate of radically unproductive hostility.

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Hal Shurtleff
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Harold “Hal” Shurtleff is the co-founder of Camp Constitution, an all-volunteer association first formed in 2009 in Massachusetts. The camp offers classes and workshops on a number of subjects including U.S. history, the U.S. Constitution, current events, and how to be a freedom activist. Hal serves as the Camp’s director while in session. Throughout the remainder of the year he operates a radio show, delivers addresses to groups large and small, publishes books and other material, hosts a blog, and manages a YouTube channel and several social media outlets.