WHO Attempts to Set Itself Up As World Dictator

WHO Attempts to Set Itself Up As World Dictator

The World Health Organization’s new proposed International Health Regulations (“IHR”) are an attempt to dissolve all individual and national sovereignty, giving total control over us to the WHO.

James Roguski shares the top steps you can take right now to stop this attempted dissolution of our basic human rights and freedoms.

It’s up to We The People to stop this now.

Find James’s work here.

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Kathleen Marquardt
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Kathleen Marquardt has been an advocate for property rights and freedom for decades. While not intending to be an activist, she has become a leader and an avid supporter of constitutional rights, promoter of civility, sound science, and reason. She is dedicated to exposing the fallacies of the radical environmental and animal rights movements. She has been featured in national publications including Fortune, People, the Washington Post, and Field and Stream, as well as television news programs such as Hard Copy, The McLaughlin Group, Geraldo, and many others. Today, she serves as Vice President of American Policy Center. Kathleen now writes and speaks on Agenda21/2030, and its threat to our culture and our system of representative government.