The State of Insanity in America

The State of Insanity in America

In the 1950’s, 42% of African Americans owned small businesses; today it is only 2-3%.

As our so-called leaders engineer the collapse of the greatest country on Earth we have to ask ourselves “How did this happen?”

It must be said that morality and economics are deeply entwined.  With our country’s morals in tatters so is our economy.

Our biggest enemy? The church and the educational system.

Although they are out to destroy what God has given us, we must remember that we are not citizens of the state but sovereign individuals, and take heart because Christians are about to usher in a whole new age.

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Pastor William Green
Pastor William Green
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Pastor William Green is the Founder of the Mordecai Mission. The Mordecai Mission is a born again Christian political organization dedicated to supporting and promoting Godly legislation, helping to repeal ungodly legislation, and to create Godly legislation. By supporting born again Christian elected officials as well as raising up born again Christians to run for elected offices at federal, state, and local government our mission is to help restore righteousness to every political level. We believe that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. We are committed to organizing a multi-million voter block with these goals in mind.